Saturday, July 13, 2002

Okay, so I've had this blog for about a week now. I finally figured out the workings of it as well as the bugs that BlogSpot seems to have. What has been irritating me all week was the messed up archive feature because I think I was messing with the archive options when the servers went beserk and did who knows what. Technical support says won't reply, and for some reason, none of my plea-for-help posts on the BlogSpot discussion forums show up. So finally, after testing an idea in a scrap blog, I deleted the Kingdom Hearts Blog and re-created it. Hopefully now that archive feature will stay put. I first created this blog on 6 June 2002, so all entries before this post were reposted from the past week. I just hope that the my template stays. It's been reset a few times because the template server has been screwing up as well. I have a feeling I'll be ranting more about the Blog service than the game. *mumbles* On the more plus side, I got around to making a kick-butt Kingdom Hearts Webring navigation panel, which can be seen at the bottom of this page. Booyah!
Now for the first rant of the great blog! In mid-June I had won an auction on Ebay for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy X for a total of around $70 (including shipping/handling fees). Considering how Final Fantasy X retails for close to $40-50, that seemed to be an incredible deal! Those first three games were also the original versions, too, and not the cheap, green-bordered "Greatest Hits" version either. Well, I got the games, except for Final Fantasy IX -- the one that several of my friends say is the best of the PSX games -- because the seller seemed to have forgotten to include it in the box. Argh! I've emailed this seller back several times over the past 2 weeks, and not one response! Double Argh! It seems this person's disappeared. Someone shall answer to my wrath! >:-)
It is rather sad ... Kingdom Hearts is the newest game by SquareSoft and will be released in the USA before Final Fantasy XI does. Yet, there are tons of sites about Final Fantasy XI, but hardly any about Kingdom Hearts itself. Yeah, I've seen Final Fantasy or SquareSoft fansites mention Kingdom Hearts and maybe have a section or two dedicated to it, but not one dedicated to just this game. The best all Kingdom Hearts site so far that I found is a French site. I can read French pretty well, but still, I'm talking about an English Kingdom Hearts only fansite. So, I'm in the process of spreading the good word of the big key! My sister talked about how some of her friends use the expage service to make quick webpages. I decided, what the heck, make a quick easy page to throw out there. If you've used expage before, you know it is geared toward the newest beginners, and therefore what you get is very limited. Even I was kind of shocked to see the how few of features it has, especialy since GeoCities and other free web hosts offer much better template services. No image uploading, just some strange photo service. Heck, the amount of text on a page is limited, too! My sister hates expages, but none the less, it was sufficient for a basic Quick Sheet on Kingdom Hearts that I whipped up in an hour.
As hard as it may seem to believe, especially since I seem to be so fanatical about Kingdom Hearts ... I don't own any Sony PlayStation console. In fact, I've never played on a PlayStation either. I played some of the older Final Fantasy games on my roommate's Super Nintendo a few months ago, and that was actually my introduction to console games. That's right. I never played a console game until this year. Such an isolated child I was ... Anyway, I finally gave in and got me a new grape-colored Nintendo 64 for $70 because I got hooked onto Zelda: Link to the Past on that Super Nintendo. Despite knowing that most people think the Nintendo 64 sucks because it just didn't have many good games, I thought Ocarina of Time was just awesome, so now I'm hooked. I have that and Majora's Mask, Super Smash Brothers, Paper Mario (which I'm playing right now), Harvest Moon, and Donkey Kong 64. I might get one or two more games, but that's plenty for me for one console. Right now, I'm waiting for my new Sony Playstation 2 to come in the mail. I got it for $175 including shipping. Hehe! Take that Wal-Mart! $199 plus tax = around $216 ... I can add an 8 MB memory card and a PS2 remote for that price! Sheez! And to think, a few months ago, it was $299 for a PlayStation 2. I envy those who got one as a free gift.
After days of drawing lines, cropping, resizing, mixing colors, writing HTML, and so on, the new blog layout (minus archives page) is up! I had started out with one of the preset templates called "Rounded Stretchy Corners". I kind of liked it, especially since I was introduced to this whole blog thing by my sister, whose friend had a huge blog with that template. Unfortunately, after designing many webpages by hand via HTML and doing my own web graphics, I just had to customize it and add more spunk to the design. Funny, I wanted to use that original template as my starting block since it was a simple design, and that was what I wanted ... guessed I jumped really far because it looks almost nothing like the original template anymore! This layout will be tweaked later on since I have some ideas to add more stuff to it. Hopefully, the servers won't go boom as they did yesterday.
It's only been a few days since I signed up for a Kingdom Hearts blog as a game journal or game log page, and I've already hit several problems with the service. It seems that I joined at a rather unstable time since there seems to be a lot of server maintenance and upgrades happening, which always leads to bumps in the road. Anyway, I hope all will be fixed in the next few weeks, so I can figure out what is wrong with the archive feature.