Wednesday, July 24, 2002

For the past week or so, I've been hanging around the new Kingdom Hearts forum at IGN. It's only about two weeks old as of this post, so there aren't that many people there yet, but I'm sure it will grow soon. Some visitors are trying to get Kingdom Hearts icons into the IGN icon database, so we can use them as avatars. If you have an IGN Insider's subscription, definitely stop by! Yeah, most of the really popular gaming sites require a paid subscription. I have paid annual ones for IGN and GameSpot to check out Kingdom Hearts among other games. GameSpot has more information, screenshots, movies, etc. for Kingdom Hearts, but IGN has a forum for it. The good thing about IGN is that you can test out the the Insider sections and forums for a week free. In another part of the Internet galaxy, I found the Kingdom Hearts NeoPet. He's an Eyrie and he was born in May 2002. He's not my NeoPet and his owner is unknown to me. I have NeoPet, but it is a Kacheek, and he'll be turning 1 in October. If you don't know what Neopets are, they are virtual pets. Neopia is the largest community of virtual pets on the internet with over 20 million owners and pets. There are shops, hotels, ski lodges, cafes, auction booths, trading posts, stockmarkets, academies, battledomes, guilds, and tons of games to play to earn neopoints, which is the currency. You can find Neopets merchandise at the Limited, Too stores in local US malls.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

One of my friends paid me a surprise visit Friday night, and we went apartment hunting yesterday. After looking at 15 apartment complexes or so, we finally decided that the first complex with a 2 bed 2 bath that we saw was the best. The key factor was that all the water and electrical bills would be paid for by the apartment and not us. Unfortunately, certain authority figures and immediate situations held me back, so I won't be rooming with my friend in any apartment for at least 3 months. My friend has to first get a small one-bedroom for a while. In other news, it seems really strange that I got a new battery for my laptop from Ebay 5 days after the auctio ended, while my PlayStation and Final Fantasy IX are still missing in action. I did fix the graphics on this page since they disappeared and made three more webrings for Kingdom Hearts using various services.