Thursday, August 01, 2002

My wonderful sister went driving on her first main city road (where cars actually move and aren't parked) yesterday evening and I dunno what happened ... she hit a curb making a right turn down our neigbhorhood street to go home. In a panic, she ... sat there frozen. Good thing no other cars were wanting to make right turns. Needless to say, she hates driving. LOL!. In another (and safer) world, an awesome thing has happened this week. I got accepted to be the open directory editor for Kingdom Hearts. The open directory categorizes sites based on topic into appropriate categories, and are reviewed by actual people and not webots or spiders. The open directory used by some of the major search engines like AOL Search, Netscape, Altavista, Google when they do a routine search crawl to add sites to their search listings. Basically, if you manage to get your site approved and listed in the open directory, it will very likely be listed in the major search engines as well. There are so many guidelines that editors have to follow. I hope I can learn them all, and find good Kingdom Hearts sites on Internet for submission. I've also downloaded a couple of movies from GameSpot, so awesome! The I just viewed the English scene with Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket in the Disney Castle. I finally understand what they were saying in Japanese now since I have the Japanese version of that scene, too. I'm still amazed that some people can pull of Donald's distinctive voice. Keyblade is more than just a weapon...

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I got me a huge package in the mail yesterday with lots of German goodies. YAY! As I was busy admiring all the new items, a huge event just whizzed by. Yesterday, the 29th of July, was a big Kingdom Hearts day on many gaming sites such as GameSpot and IGN. Apparently, SquareSoft released some media from the US version of the game. The subtitles are now in English (with bigger letters than the original Japanese characters), and there are a bunch of new movies. You can hear Haley Joel Osment as Sora as well as a clip of the new English version of "Hikari" by Utada Hikaru. The English version is a remake of the PlanitB remix, and the melody doesn't sound totally the same nor are the lyrics translation exact (they hardly ever are). I like the little variation in it myself. Anyway, I'm going to be downloading lots of stuff today and tomorrow. Yeah! I'm also going to terrorize my sister's website to see what horrors she's put up last night.