Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Amazing the irony of life! I finally got my Sony PlayStation 2 in the mail today. I was so excited! It finally came after a month and a half! Then to my dismay, after 3-minutes of inspection, I discovered that the unit was a used one. The auction said it was to be brand new. Oooh, the fire blazing within me! >:-( I sent some emails to the seller about this already, gotten a few replies in which the seller claims ignorance and was shocked as I am at it being used, especially since the seller also said that he/she inspected it. Nice inspection ... didn't see the dust on the fan or the smudges or the fact that it came with an RFU adaptor and not the default AV cable. Anyway, sending this thing back would be a nightmare, so I'm hoping to get a partial refund to reflect the fact that this is a falsely advertised used unit. Maybe in the end, it would only cost me $100 even, which is very good for even a used PS2. Hehe! In more happy news, if you live in or near the Los Angeles, California area and have some free time near the end of August, check out Disney's Ebay Auction to attend a Kingdom Hearts pre-launch party. It is very exclusive and sounds like lots of fun! Too bad I can't make it.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Yesterday, my family and I went to a nearby waterpark for the day and had lots of fun. We rode several waterslides and rides a zillion times it seems. I cannot imagine being outside at an amusement park that wasn't a waterpark in the intense heat that we had yesterday. It was blazing hot! Getting out of the pool and standing on land for 10 minutes -- you start burning up already! Geez! Good thing the place had Dippin' Dots Ice Cream! Yum! In the spirit of me being away when these things happen, there was a big Kingdom Hearts event yesterday. SquareSoft announced the official release date for Kingdom Hearts. For the longest time, the only release date the public had was Fall 2002. Some sites said the game should be released October 3rd or 14th, thinking that would put it smack dab in the middle of the "Fall 2002" time period. Well, to the delight of fans, the game is to be released officially in the USA on 17 September 2002! Woohoo! A month earlier than expected. That is a rather rare occurence in the world of video game releases. Usually, games are delayed. Anyway, expect to see it hit the shelves in a little more than a month at a retail price of $49.95.