Thursday, September 05, 2002

I've been absent from this blog for almost a month now, and what a month it has been! I was spending most of August trying to find a job to help pay bills. After filling out all kinds of applications, I finally got accepted to a music store in a local mall. Yay! :-D Besides music, the store also sells movies and video games. In less than 2 weeks, Kingdom Hearts should be released. Hopefully, I'll get me an employee discount on it. Speaking of games, the used PlayStation is now stuck with me since the lousy seller has decided to ignore all proposals for a refund. I haven't heard from this seller in almost a month, and unfortunately, Ebay is not helpful. Don't be fooled by Ebay's so-called buyer/fraud protection policies. It takes months to get through the process, and you might get a little refund at the end, but not guaranteed. In my case, the most Ebay would give me for compensation would be $10 -- not worth it. Oh well, the system hasn't busted yet, and the demo CDs from the last two issues of the Offical PlayStation Magazine were awesome! July had the official site preview, and August had the first part of a behind-the-scenes preview. Get them if you can!