Saturday, October 05, 2002

I couldn't believe Wal-Mart didn't have a poster frame for this size! They had tons for 20 x 30 inches, but not for 22 x 28 inches. Argh! So after going to two home craft and garden stores, I finally secured a poster frame for $7.25. Woohoo! The side of the poster that matches the gamebox cover now hangs on the wall of my computer room. Maybe in a few months, I'll turn the poster over and show the other side with Sora and his keyblade standing in between Donald and Goofy. The background seems to be a washed out collage of game screenshots, some I haven't seen yet. Now, back to the game and hopefully to the Deep Jungle before I die!

Friday, October 04, 2002

Gee, what a slow week it has been at work. Hardly any customers are at the mall, and even fewer actually buy something at the store. Unfortunately, our area coordinator doesn't understand the idea that there are no customers coming in to help boost profit and sales, and is making insane demands. Fortunately, before I left work, I managed to sell a cellphone at the last minute! I think it is the first phone sold at the store in over a week now. Cellphones bring in a lot of revenue, so hopefully, that will appease the area coordinator for a while. Riding off the high of selling a cellphone, I stopped by a gaming store on my way out of the mall, and just casually asked if the store sold any game posters. The guy said no but asked me which game poster I was looking for. I said that I was looking for a Kingdom Hearts poster. The guy reached below the counter, pulled out a huge poster, rolled it up and gave it to me! It is the large double-sided (28 x 22 inches) promo poster, too! I was stunned, since this poster is selling on Ebay for $13-$20, and that doesn't even include shipping fees!