Thursday, October 10, 2002

I've gotten through Traverse Town and am hopelessly lost in Wonderland's Lotus Forest trying to find what else to do. According to the strategy guide, at the point where I'm at, Sora is suppose to jump on some mushrooms near the forest entrance towards a door to a bizarre room. Well, I found the bizarre room, but I went through an opening in the foliage, not a door. And Sora is suppose to fall onto a big faucet. I didn't. Oy! Well, hopefully, I can find help elsewhere, especially since Alice is missing in action and the Queen of Hearts isn't well ... too helpful. And that ever cryptic Cheshire Cat! Urgh, just want to throw a boulder on him! Being the Kingdom Hearts Open Directory Editor, I get some of the most random messages like this one: "Sora your so cool are you friend with riku yet i havent gotten that far tho my cosin erased my file can you come visit some time and give me a free game and guide." Yes, Sora is cool and Riku's his friend. Whether or not Sora can drop by and fix that erased game file is another story, though.