Thursday, October 24, 2002

Wooohooo! I managed to secure the Kingdom Hearts promotional box! It's quite big, but smaller than other promotional boxes I've seen. It is an awesome exact replica of the real game cover on the DVD-size box, including the barcode. I wonder if that barcode will actually scan. Hehe! I've also managed to put on reserve two in-store posters that are of a different size than the official promotional poster, which hangs on my wall. So, soon, I'll have 3 posters. Woohoo! All I need now is to get the Japanese poster. I recently got myself a video cable to capture screenshots of the game. I just made a short movie of how I generally got Sora to win Riku's race around the island. Lately, I've been switching between trying to beat Riku in battle on the little island (I've read you can do it 99 times somewhere) and continuing the game. I found it is much easier to beat him if Sora levels up to around 7. Then those nasty back-kicks don't hurt so much. Anyway, as for the rest of the game, right now, Sora is trying to find Leon in some underground cavern.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I'm glad to say that I've gotten through the Deep Jungle! YAY! Although I'm still not sure what to do with the black flowers in the jungle. They open with a thunder spell, but nothing happens when Sora opens them all. There is a scene later on with the flowers and the constantly re-generating Heartless that I finished, but I wonder if there is something to be done there before that scene... And what's in the tree tops? I feel like I forgot some things. Oops! The infamous vine scene wasn't too bad. I can swing from vine to vine perfectly fine. Now, staying on top of the trees is another story, though. Clumsy me, I keep on making Sora slip off and fall into the hippo pond. Jumping onto those mushroom-like trees in that pond seemed to be the bigger nightmare! I finally got to that one far off tree by slashing right before Sora was going miss the tree. The gorillas didn't seem too grateful for the assistance, especially Terk. Funny, I thought they would be a bit nicer. I must say, the tiger and Clayton were either wussy bosses or I had somehow leveled up and equipped my characters really well. No potions used! During all the battle scenes, I keep on screaming, "Hit me! Just stay away from the duck!" LOL! The way Donald screams when hit amuses me in a twisted way... >:-)

Monday, October 21, 2002

Within the past couple weeks, a lot of Kingdom Hearts sites have popped up and submitted to my webrings. I've added a ton of them now, but some are still in processing. I'm trying to figure out how to install webrings onto Yahoo! Groups, and I have a working plan so far. For the past week or so, the CrickRock website seems to have died. I can't load it from my computer. Argh! If it doesn't come back up by mid-November, I'm removing that ring. In terms of the game, I finally made it through Wonderland and blasted the Gummi Ship into the Olympus Colloseum. I guess the Deep Jungle is further ahead. The team (Sora, Donald, and Goofy) almost got to the round with Cloud, who is one of the bosses of this world. But sadly, they all died in the round just before him. Second time's a charm, right? Phil is quite an odd character. I'm not sure how busting barrels in training is suppose to help. Then again, I think Phil isn't suppose to be that great of a trainer? I really need to see the Hercules movie.